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Solved Online Practical (Learner) in MA Psychology (MPCL 007) New Guidelines Call: 81-81-096-096


Solved Online Practical (Learner) in MA Psychology (MPCL 007) New Guidelines Call: 81-81-096-096

Guidelines for Online Conduction of Practical (Learner) in MA Psychology Ist Year
(MPCL 007)
Dear Learner,
The present guidelines are for the online conduction of practical in MA Psychology Ist Year.
These guidelines will be implemented for those learners who will be writing their Term End
Examination in December 2020 and June 2021 (MAPC Ist Year).
You must have received the Practical Handbook (MPCL 007) by now; if not then you may
007.pdf. It is important to read the Handbook carefully to develop an overview about
psychological testing and experiments. Since lab work is not possible in the present
pandemic crisis (COVID 19), the Discipline of Psychology has outlined different
activities/tests to be completed as part of online conduction of practical. The activities/test
have been given in a simple and self-explanatory manner, though they may be completed
under the guidance of academic counsellor.
 Test: You will be administering the test on self, family member, or an acquaintance.
A thorough understanding of the test, test history, any theory/framework that it is
based upon, as well as the construct that it is assessing should be known to you. The
psychological test has to be conducted under the guidance of academic counsellor. In
the present situation, you need to inform your academic counsellor about the tests that
you will be administering (the links for the tests have been provided from open
education resources. However, the tests are primarily meant to create awareness and
are meant for educational purpose only).
 Activity: In this format, an article link or a video link related to activity will be
provided to you which will be followed by the instructions to complete the task. Do
not copy content verbatim from any offline or online resources. Write the content in
your own words.
 There will be two online sessions, each of two hours duration where the academic
counselor will explain the tests/activities mentioned below. Attendance to the online
sessions is mandatory.
 You need to prepare a document (report) of approximately 15-20 pages that will
include all the activities which will be evaluated by the academic counsellor.
 The evaluation methodology and details of Term End Examination (Viva-voce) is
also mentioned in the guidelines for your reference.
Please read the activities/ tests as outlined for the course. For any queries, please write to us
All the best,
Faculty, Discipline of Psychology

IGNOU last review notes and Important Questions (Call: 81-81-096-096)

IGNOU last review notes and Important Questions (Call: 81-81-096-096)

IGNOU last review notes and Important Questions (Call: 81-81-096-096)

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